RGREEN INVEST appoints Anne-Laure de la Roche as Head of Asset Management

Maintaining its rapid pace of development, asset management company RGREEN INVEST announced the appointment of Anne-Laure de la Roche as Head of Asset Management. She will be responsible for creating a team dedicated to the management and monitoring of the investments held by RGREEN INVEST.

“We are delighted to have Anne-Laure in our team,” said Nicolas Rochon, Founder and Managing Partner of RGREEN INVEST. “Her experience in asset management will be a valuable asset for RGREEN INVEST, whose particularity is to establish close and trustworthy relationships with its industrial partners for over 10 years. The addition of an Asset Management Specialist to create a dedicated team is a strong signal we are sending to both developers and investors to go even further in optimising their business, social and environmental performances,” he continued.

“I’m very excited to join RGREEN INVEST. This professional opportunity is a way for me to express my personal environmental convictions in my professional endeavours,” said Anne-Laure de la Roche. “An Asset Manager has an important role to play in the governance of the companies in which it invests: to contribute to value creation, just like the teams in charge of raising and investing funds. My role will be to encourage industrial players to keep pushing ahead with their ESG requirements and actions.”


Anne-Laure’s background

Graduated from Ecole Centrale de Lyon and from the Milan Politecnico in construction engineering, Anne-Laure started her career in 1998 in project finance, then in structured finance at Dexia Crédit Local. Having led several bank debt optimisation missions in Paris, she was sent on assignment for five years to Italy, a country that was then experiencing a real boom in new solar energy projects and in wind power refinancing.

Two years at Europe Solar Utility enabled her to hone her skills in equity management in the renewable energy sector. In 2014, Anne-Laure joined DIF Capital Partners as Senior Director in charge of equity investment management in France and Italy.