AFRIGREEN DEBT IMPACT FUND will systematically require each investee to develop and implement an appropriate grievance mechanism in line with EIB Environmental and Social requirements, as well as IFC Performance Standards.


The Fund also acknowledges that affected or potentially affected individuals and communities may need direct access to the Fund’s team, which is why the Fund developed a generic Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) that aims to facilitate dialogue with key stakeholders.


This Grievance Mechanism is only applicable to the AFRIGREEN DEBT IMPACT FUND. It explains the purpose of the mechanism, criteria, and internal process of managing grievances. This procedure is open and accessible to all and will be evaluated annually and updated if needed.

A grievance may be submitted with regard to environmental and social effects, or business ethics matters.


Grievances may be submitted by:

  • Individuals, groups of individuals or organizations that are or will be affected or potentially affected by a project funded by AFRIGREEN DEBT IMPACT FUND.
  • Individuals, groups of individuals or organizations living, working or studying in or near a project site.
  • Members of the staff of any company involved in a project funded by AFRIGREEN DEBT IMPACT FUND.


All affected or potentially affected parties may be represented by a third-party if they are not able to represent themselves.


Grievances submitted should meet the following criteria to be qualified as eligible for further procedures:

  • The grievance refers to projects currently funded by AFRIGREEN DEBT IMPACT FUND.
  • The grievance refers to an impact that fits the scope of this GRM (see scope criteria above).
  • The grievance is submitted by an admissible complainant (see admissibility criteria above).
  • The grievance is complete, i.e. includes the following information:
    1. The identity of the complainants,
    2. An identification of the project causing adverse effects,
    3. A description of the situation (a statement in which the complainant explains the effects by which they are or will be affected).
  • The complainant does not make abusive or inappropriate use of this mechanism.


Grievances can be submitted by emailing Once an affected or potentially affected party lodges a grievance (the Complainant), the Fund is responsible for its fair, transparent, and rapid processing. A dedicated ESG Officer is appointed to handle direct communications with the Complainant. Within five working days an acknowledgement receipt with an identifier is sent to the Complainant, by email or letter, as appropriate. The Grievance is registered in the Grievance Log.

 The selected resolution option is communicated to the Complainant, using appropriate means. It is to be communicated under 1.5 months after receipt of the Grievance. Should the resolution take longer, an update on the procedure shall be sent to the Complainant.


AFRIGREEN DEBT IMPACT FUND commits to manage grievances with confidentiality in line with GDPR regulation procedure. The identity of the complainant shall be disclosed to no other party than the fund’s ESG and Compliance teams. Data used for reporting purposes shall be anonymized.


Download our full AFRIGREEN Fund Grievance Mechanism