Closing at €231 million, RGREEN INVEST’s INFRABRIDGE III Fund exceeds its target by a wide margin

RGREEN INVEST has just announced the closing of its INFRABRIDGE III fund, the latest addition to its range of short-term senior debt financing solutions.

RGREEN INVEST, an independent French asset management company specializing in investing and financing the energy transition and adaptation to climate change, has just announced the closing of its INFRABRIDGE III fund, the latest addition to its range of short-term senior debt financing solutions.

With a final closing at €231 million, the fund has more than comfortably met its target size of €200 million.


Facing a market in need of speed, INFRABRIDGE III enables its developers to race, not rush…

Launched in 2018, INFRABRIDGE’s short-term senior debt investment strategy has supported the emergence and scale-up of key energy transition players within the green infrastructure market.

Since then, the landscape has changed. Today, the proven profitability of renewable energy projects, the need to diversify transition technologies and the inevitable disappearance of subsidies have profoundly restructured the market, leading to new strategies of energy valuation and encouraging project owners to position themselves in new geographical areas.

Answering to the evolution of market risks and the continued difficulty of banks to offer adapted financial solutions, INFRABRIDGE III was designed to respond quickly to the financing requests of entrepreneurs, both at the corporate level and for assets either in development or ready-to-build.

Bolstered by the performance of the two previous vintages, INFRABRIDGE III boasts strong investor confidence and is roughly twice the size of its predecessors, with an average ticket amounting to 20 million euros.

An investment strategy keeping pace with developers

INFRABRIDGE III already has an identified pipeline of more than €400 million destined to support the growth of RGREEN INVEST’s historical partners as well as new, emerging developers in their cross-sector and cross-border ambitions: Indeed, nearly a quarter of INFRABRIDGE III’s investment projects will be located outside the European Economic Area. 

“With this third fund, we aim to support developers as they shift gears, to help them quickly secure their capex and to sell their energy at competitive prices on markets that need it most. Our role is to facilitate their expansion not just in France and Europe, but now also in the OECD countries,” Nicolas Rochon, President and Founder of RGREEN INVEST, comments on this success.


“Over the past four years, we have strengthened our dedicated debt strategy. RGREEN INVEST’s extensive expertise in both debt and equity affords us detailed understanding of the value of projects, whatever their stage of development and their offtake strategy. This gives us great agility in designing capital structure and enables us to effectively align our financial solutions to the interests of our partners. Speed and certainty of execution of financing are key issues for developers who have to move especially fast in the face of global warming and inflation,” explains Mathilde Ketoff, Head of Debt at RGREEN INVEST.