RGREEN INVEST announces launch of RSOLUTIONS, its new growth equity fund, targeting a size of €100M

All our teams are proud to invest in our first Article 9 Growth equity Fund.
French independent management company specialized in financing infrastructure projects related to the energy transition, climate adaptation and mitigation, RGREEN INVEST announces the launch of RSOLUTIONS, a new growth equity fund of entrepreneurs created for entrepreneurs.

While the first closing is set for March 2023 with a target of €30 million, RGREEN INVEST has already raised a third of this amount in an initial round of financing from the energy transition’s first generation of entrepreneurs as well as from its own employees. The fund aims to reach a final target size of €100 million by end of 2023.

With this first growth equity fund, managed by Olivier Pinard, RGREEN INVEST is stepping outside the realm of infrastructure to focus on Series A financing (and Series B in follow-on) of early-stage companies whose proven business model has already gained traction on the market, and who now require additional capital to ensure scalability.

This fund will support French and European companies with high growth potential throughout their scale-up phase until they reach maturity. Investments will target innovative projects connected to climate change adaptation, the social economy, and the protection of women and men.


A fund of entrepreneurs created for entrepreneurs


“Investors have a key role to play to help drive the next wave of innovation related to climate change adaptation, namely by supporting sustainable business models that need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in less than 10 years,” says Olivier Pinard, the fund’s manager.

“We’re forming an extremely virtuous circle with RSOLUTIONS,” he continues. “The fund welcomes among its investors some of RGREEN INVEST’s very first developer partners who are now embracing the opportunity to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs as well as put their knowledge and experience at the service of tomorrow’s business models.”


A throwback to RGREEN INVEST’s foundational strategy


RSOLUTIONS represents a natural diversification of the company’s historical INFRABRIDGE and INFRAGREEN infrastructure fund ranges, the fifth vintage of which is currently being raised with a target of €1.2 billion. While it departs from the area of infrastructure, this initiative nevertheless marks a return to the company’s original mandate to answer to the needs of innovative entrepreneurial ambitions within the energy sector.

“Historically, RGREEN INVEST has supported the entrepreneurial vanguard of France’s climate transition, mitigation and adaptation”, explains Nicolas Rochon, President and Founder of RGREEN INVEST. “The rise of entrepreneurs, such as Jean-Marc Bouchet, founder of JMB Energy (QUADRAN, now QAIR) or Jean-Christophe Kerdelhué, who created NW Energy and France’s first green energy unicorn NW Storm, has profoundly structured the energy transition market over the last 20 years.”

“Since then and due to this restructuring, these players have been able to move ahead with much larger projects today. But they all started small, and at some critical juncture they all needed a financial solution to help them successfully scale up,” adds Nicolas Rochon. “RSOLUTIONS is a return to our roots as a company whose built-in purpose has always been to accompany the innovative minds spearheading the ener